Thursday, November 20, 2014

Silverfall PC

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Silverfall is a "hack and slashrole-playing video game, developed by softwarecompany Monte Cristo for Windows. A port has been made for PlayStation Portable. An expansion for the Windows version of the game, entitled Silverfall: Earth Awakening, was released in 2008. Silverfall: Gold Edition was also released in 2008, containing the main game as well as the expansion.
Silverfall shares many similarities with popular games, Diablo and Diablo 2. It also has strong influences from Sacred. Players choose a character from one of four races (HumanElfTrollGoblin) and develop their "class" (fighter, archer, mage, etc.) by assigning various skills as they level up. Characters can be either male or female, and gameplay will differ slightly based on the selection.
Silverfall is a quest-based game which centers around a conflict between natureand technology, allowing players to develop an allegiance to one of these areas, which allows development of additional skills and the ability to use certain alignment-based items. However, there is no 'good' or 'evil' side to aligning with either technology or nature, as both will have quests that require the player to perform dubious and altruistic acts. A 'nature' player may be asked to kill the overseer of a group of workers who no longer want to pollute the world with their factory, and a 'technology' player may be asked to exploit natural resources that will result in a loss of the livelihood of a nearby people. At the same time, either player may be asked to promise a union leader a bribe in order to break up a strike, to the detriment of his fellow workers.

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